Wednesday, 15 June 2011

FSR Diner | Arabian Gala Night

Assalamualaikum WBT & good day.

0n 14th June 2011 there was an event that been organised by student Faculty of Sport Science & Recreation SR223 part 3 & 4 to handle a dinner & award for best student in their faculty. The theme was unique and glorious for all student that joined the event. So this is the ambiance for that night. Hope you'll can enjoy it although is just a several pictures to showed. Congrats to them and thanks again.

p/s : Thanks to Fira (Mentor) for superb performance from her..=DD



Register table

20 thieves



Fira Mentor

King and Queen

Thanks to all student that attend to this event. May Allah SWT blessed all of us.

Final FA Cup 2011

As Salam...

There go a victory for Terengganu as a champion for FA Cup 2011 for the 22th Edition and a big congratulation to the team for all the effort and commitment that they give until dragged Kelantan played till extra time. Again big applause to Terengganu. This a couple of pictures that I get time to snap while the game. Thanks and enjoyed it...=)

Terengganu Fans

Bukit Jalil Stadium

85,000 human


Sunday, 5 June 2011

Amiruddin & Athirah Engagement

As Salam...

Thanks to Allah SWT for giving us blessed to live till now and giving chances to my friend Amiruddin (Amet Din) and his fiancĂ©e,  Athirah (Atty) to get close to each others. So this is a couple of picture that has been snap by me.

Discussion mode


Sweet couple

Big, bigger, biggest family??

Congratulation and thanks to Amiruddin Othman's and Athirah's family for the gorgeous meal that serve for our group from Shah Alam and Arau. Lastly, hope the engagement will make you guys more mature about life living together and may Allah SWT bless you all till the end of your live. Amin


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Lat Kampung Boy The Muzikal

As Salam...

Kuala Lumpur, 26/03/2011 - Lat Kampung Boy The Muzikal was held at Istana Budaya. Although is just a musical but for me it's a lovely story and based on the real life of Dato' Lat in past time. So touched, so adorable and funny when Awie bring the adult Lat character. I like the props, the scenes, the character that I feel just I'm also in that part of Lat's life when I watched the musical. So I also want to shared with you'll what I had watched on Lat Kampung Boy The Muzikal.

p/s: when was show started, NO camera and hp allowed. So I just take when we was rest and closing the show only. Thanks.

Hahahaha... Enjoy it..=)

Sungai Lopo, Hulu Langat

As Salam...

Last weekend I was off to Sungai Lopo, Hulu Langat. A recreational park for public and also many activities that can be done there. Let me show you all a couple pictures be shared.

Hope well be there again.=)